Quality Policy 2019


To further enhance customer service, and to meet and exceed the quality standards of our customers and their regulators, HGS has implemented an “Audit ready at all times” policy. By following the quality processes described throughout this document and supporting materials we can be confident that all standards and requirements will be met, and corrective actions completed in a timely manner should our customers, their regulators, suppliers and any other interested parties visit HGS facilities. 

Continuous improvement is key to maintaining our quality standards. This will be accomplished - while determining risks and opportunities relating to the QMS – through the following devices.

  1. Measurable quality objectives that meet ISO9001:2015 requirements and are consistent with the quality policy and supporting documents. Quality objectives will be monitored and discussed at management review and internal audit and updated as appropriate.

  2. Regular warehouse audits monitoring housekeeping, temperature, stock integrity, data integrity, health, safety & fire. Resulting actions recorded to internal actions log. Plant and vehicles subject to daily checks prior to use.

  3. Comprehensive, documented staff training of: Quality processes; procedural processes; Supplier specific processes; vehicle and plant licensing and re-certification.

  4. Monthly customer performance reviews covering: Quality targets; non-conformance; supplier performance; HGS performance and customer feedback including complaints. Resulting actions recorded and reviewed.

  5. Non-conformance process: Complaints, damages, data integrity and other issues found to be non-conforming to the QMS will be documented, with actions recorded and reviewed.

  6. Annual internal QMS audit carried out by a member of the management team. Providing information on conformance to HGS requirements, and the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Resulting actions recorded and reviewed.

  7. Bi-annual management review & SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis covering risk management, corrective actions, status of quality objectives, changes to the QMS, and its performance in relation to customer satisfaction. This is documented with resulting actions recorded and reviewed.

  8. Documenting corrective actions and results relating to nonconformities such as damages, complaints or data integrity failure. Any corrective actions to be completed in a timely manner and reviewed at management review and internal audit.

This quality policy and quality management system is under constant review, with changes made as required in a controlled manner.



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Our Quality Management Policy is based on our alignment with regulatory bodies:

BSI Certificate of Registration