Tony Sando ~ Managing Director

Harlow Group Storage runs across over 50,00 sq feet of high spec, temperature controlled storage space primarily for the pharmaceutical industry, creating over 7000 pallet positions to work with.

I have been at Harlow Group Storage since its establishment in 1976, starting my career in an Advisory role mainly managing accounts and forecasting. Eventually, in 2000 I took over as Managing Director of Harlow Group Storage.

My expertise lie in day to day management of dealing with both customers and employees alike and I play a major role in the business. I cover the financials, i.e cash flow forecasting and accounts to balance, and I handle any new business and customer contracts we are dealing with.

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Ryan Sando ~ Operations Director

My day to day tasks as one of the Directors at Harlow Group Storage is to oversee inventory, the distribution of good and facility lay out. I manage day to day activities such as analysing, statistics, reading and writing reports.

One of my key roles is customer liaison. Coordination with the quality assurance personnel ensures that the goods meet and acceptable standard and this generates positive client feedback. I take it upon myself to research into new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency in order to provide clients with modern and up to date services.

I play a significant role in long term planning, including an initiative geared toward operational excellence. Alongside this I contribute to short term organisational planning an strategy as a member of the managing team.

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James Sando ~ Project & Compliance Director

My role at Harlow Group Storage revolves around Project management, IT and Communications. I deal with the implementation and management of our quality system (which is certified to ISO9001:2008 standards) and associated activities like internal and external auditing. I am also responsible for the design and management of the company website, any building projects and working on corporate identity.

Prior to joining HGS in 2006 I worked in retail and distribution for independent and major fashion brands. I was able to bring my knowledge of branding and marketing into the company, providing HGS with an updated and modern outlook on logistics.

Some examples of major projects I have worked on during my time here include: managing the architect, builders and planners of our new offices, the design and installation of our warehouse stock software and scanning equipment, and the total re-brand of the company (Including logos, website, brochures). I am also responsible for dealing with ongoing maintenance contracts such as CCTV, alarm systems and pest control.

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